- waterproof
- absolutely unique & self-designed gifts
- both sides can be printed individually different images
- do-it-yourself, easy-to-use software available
- no special printer or ink needed, just standard computers & inkjet printers

Suitable for:
- Weddings
- Banquets
- Birthday parties
- Festivals & Anniversaries
- Greeting & Invitation cards
- Exhibitions & Product promotions
- Grand openings
- Tourist attractions & Theme parks
- Florists
- Gifts & Souvenirs
Available shapes & sizes:
- round & heart, star, 18cm (A4)
- round & heart, star, 28cm (A3 +)

2.Both sides can be designed differently
3.Free to design and easy to operate
4.No need to open a new printing mode.
5.No need of any special equipment or software. Just use the family computer and inkjet printer.
6.For promotion, gift, commemoration etc.

100%  Water proof
The new special technology high-molecular compound enables the printing effect beautifully and clearly, despite that you use the normal ink. And it is 100% water proof. It’s suitable to use outdoors.

Absolutely unique & self-designed gifts
With your personally designed images the DIY balloons are unique. They are different from common balloons and will be very attractive. They are perfect gifts for young children and wonderful decoration for all kinds of parties.